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Kessner Ultra e infra acondicionador de cabello digital

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ultra & infra digital ultrasonic straightener for infrared hair reconstruction and keratin treatment.

modern and technologically advanced iron producing ultrasounds with an infrared beam for introducing cosmetics into the deep parts of the hair.آ with its help, you can perform hair regenerating treatments, especially recommended for products containing keratin.آ can be used in the coloring process to intensify and improve color fastness.آ the iron does not generate the temperature, so it does not straighten the hair.

description of use:
hair coloring as well as care and nourishing treatments are not always 100% accurate.آ effective.آ most often nutrients and pigments are not completely absorbed by the hair, it is because the cuticle is a protective barrier that prevents penetration of the valuable substance contained in the cosmetic – into the deep parts of the hair.آ on the other hand, if the cuticle is not properly closed after the treatment, there is a quick process of rinsing out pigment or nutrients.آ In this way, the hair is devoid of silky shine and smooth structure.آ thanks to our product the level of absorption of the mentioned ingredients increases by 40-60%.آ This is because ultrasounds break down the liquid structure of the cosmetic into micro particles, which, due to their size, penetrate the hair more easily, deeper and in greater quantity.آ the innovative ultra & infra digital iron does not heat up, it works at room temperature because high temperature is harmful and has a negative impact on the condition of the hair.آ the hair cuticle expands under the influence of heat, which causes loss of water from the hair and breakdown of proteins.
thanks to the innovative technology used in ultra & infra digital – professionals will be able to provide their services in an even more efficient way.آ the effects of treatments and hair regeneration treatments in the salon will receive a new dimension and quality that has not been possible so far.آ 
tips for using the tool:
– wash your hair with an appropriate shampoo.آ then rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.آ (preferably regenerating shampoos)
– blow-dry the hair with a medium temperature dryer until it is about 80% dry.
– divide the hair into several parts
– in the case of nourishing and conditioning treatments, apply a cream to the hair, e.g. a mixture of a liquid with restructuring oil, charged with negative ions or any other type of conditioner / mask, massage thoroughly on the hair.
for coloring, apply the coloring mixture to your hair and massage thoroughly.
– now use the iron repair sauna tool, clamp each section of hair 3-5 times each in the same way as you use a hair straightener, until in which the nutrients contained in the cream will be thoroughly absorbed.
infrared – what is far infrared radiation?
in medicine this radiation is used in, inter alia,آ In the case of wound healing, the effects are excellent and the procedure is painless.آ in the case of this device, infrared radiation is used to regenerate damaged hair tissue and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, next to the hair roots, thanks to which they become better nourished and healthier.آ 
thanks to the action of ambipolar light with a frequency of 68000 hz and a length of 680 nm, new bonds are created in the amino acids, this restores the elasticity of the hair fibers and the cuticle is closed.آ the hair becomes visibly healthier and regains its shine.
ultrasounds – what is the operation of ultrasounds?
water molecules occur in 3 states of aggregation: solid (below 0 â€‌), Liquid (at normal temperature) and gaseous (above 100â€‌ c).
in the case of our device, the vibrations of the waves lead the water directly to the gaseous state, changing the structure of the molecules without increasing the temperature.آ it happens at room temperature, the iron repair itself does not heat up because the plates of the iron do not have typical heaters.آ Thanks to the action of dynamic magnetic vibrations with a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per second, ultra-micro particles of water, proteins and nutrients penetrate directly into the hair cortex – into the deep parts.آ ultrasounds “push” nutrients contained in cosmetics into the deep parts of the hair.
synergy of infrared radiation and ultrasounds
thanks to ultrasounds, nutrients and pigment are effectively absorbed by the hair, and infrared rays directly regenerate damaged hair tissue.آ This happens without the need to heat the hair, which prevents the cuticle from swelling and expanding.آ all this will make the hair cortex (coating) rebuild, prevent split ends and hair breakage.آ hair elasticity will be strengthened and the action of nutrients and pigments accelerated and improved.
technical data ce:
– infrared radiation scale: 6800 hz (680nm)
– ultrasound frequency: 36,000 vibrations / second
– voltage: 110 – 240v
– frequency: 50 – 60hz
– power: 20w
– voltage: 35vdc
– plate dimensions – 25 x 90 mm
note: after folding the plates of the device for more than 10 seconds, the ultrasounds will be automatically disabled, after opening the plates, they will be restarted.آ 


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