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Woson AutoClave New Tanco 8L Tipo D con impresora Clase B – Médico

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Woson is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality medical and cosmetic equipment. The brand supplies beauty salons, tattoo studios, hospitals and clinics with professional devices used in the sterilization process, thus guaranteeing the maximum level of safety and hygiene for the practitioners and their clients.

Safe sterilization of a wide range of instruments

The compact autoclave Woson New Tanco 8 L is an irreplaceable piece of equipment that will prove useful in every beauty salon, nail styling salon and other places where it is important to maintain the sterility of the tools used during treatments. Sterilization with an autoclave of the highest medical class B ensures full effectiveness and safety of the process, thus facilitating the maintenance of high hygiene standards in the salon. The equipment is designed to sterilize both medical and non-medical instruments, wrapped and unpackaged, uniform, indented type A and porous items. The device may only be operated by qualified personnel who have the knowledge and appropriate training to operate this type of equipment.

Improvements for increased functionality

The device is equipped with a control panel with a LED display, which allows the selection of appropriate programs or parameters and keep track of the process. The built-in thermal printer allows confirmation of the sterilisation process to be printed out with information such as: date and time of the cycle, temperature changes, pressure. In addition, there is a connector on the back of the unit that also allows a dedicated printer to be plugged in if required, and the USB input allows sterilisation results to also be saved digitally on the included memory stick. Built-in tanks for distilled and used water significantly improve work. The device has a distilled water quality control function. The self-diagnosis system informs you when an error occurs by displaying appropriate messages, such as about a door not being closed properly or the need to empty the tank or replace the water, which reduces the risk of equipment damage.

Available sterilisation, testing and cleaning programs

The autoclave is programmed with: 4 sterilization programs, 2 test programs – allowing three tests to be performed: Vacuum Test, B&D Test and Helix test Helix Test – a program for regular maintenance and cleaning of pipes (Automatic Pipe Cleaning) and a drying program that meets the drying requirements of a higher standard (Drying Function). This allows the parameters to be selected to suit individual needs and the prepared load. It is also possible to set and save your own sterilization parameters through the personalized mode (CUSTOM).


Sterilization program Type of load
Temperature Pressure Multiplicity of vacuum generation Cycle time
“UNPACKEDâ€‌ Program designed to sterilize unpackaged items 134آ°C 210 kPa 1-time sterilization time: 4 minutes; drying time: 9 minutes
“PACKEDâ€‌ Program intended for sterilization of wrapped items, tips 134آ°C 210 kPa 3-times sterilization time: 5 minutes; drying time: 9 minutes
“PRIONâ€‌ Program designed to inactivate prions, bacteria and viruses, etc. 134آ°C 210 kPa 3-times sterilization time: 18 minutes; drying time: 9 minutes
“POROUSâ€‌ Program designed to sterilize items made of cotton and similar articles 121آ°C 110 kPa 3-times sterilization time: 20 minutes; drying time: 18 minutes


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Class B medical The most advanced sterilizers, allowing the most effective sterilization of wrapped and unpackaged items, regardless of the type of instruments. They are distinguished by the generation of a fractionated pre-vacuum.
Regulatory requirements The device is CE 0197 certified, meeting the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices and Directive 97/23/EC. It also complies with EN 61010-1 standards; EN 61010-2-040; EN 13060; EN 61326-1. The manufacturer has EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 certificates.
Capacity of 8 litres Perfect for beauty salons or clinics. Accommodates a basket with 3 trays on which wrapped and unpackaged tools can be placed.
Built-in printer Thermal paper is used, avoiding the hassle of replacing ink.
Sterilization of wrapped and unpackaged instruments For both sterilization methods, the process is highly effective.
Control panel with LED display Allows you to easily select the appropriate program and set parameters. During the process, it displays the temperature, pressure and time.
8 automatic programs


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